Get Sphirewall

Sphirewall is fully opensource under the GPL. This means you can download, install and start using it today. It can be run in a virtualised environment and on virtually all hardware including arm and mips based SOC boards.

Sphirewall Installation Disk

The Sphirewall installation disk is a debian netinstall based installer for Sphirewall. You can download and burn it to a usb stick or cd, then use it to install Sphirewall, turning any machine into a firewall and router.

i386 Installation ISO amd64 Installation ISO

This is the most supported method of installation, and recommended for users with limited linux experience.

Purchase an Appliance

Linewize provides dedicated appliances for Sphirewall at very reasonable prices. They have 3 different appliances, suited to varying network sizes, and all come with a warranty and initial deployment support.

Visit Linewize

Install manually from source or packages

If you have a debian installation already and would like to try sphirewall on it, you can add our mirrors to your sources list

>> echo "deb wheezy main" >> /etc/apt/sources.list
>> wget -O- | apt-key add -
>> apt-get update
>> apt-get install sphirewall-core python-sphirewallwmi

Browse our mirror

You can browse our mirror for all packages here

Checkout the code

Sphirewall is opensource, you can download our sourcecode from our git repository hosted by BitBucket

>> git clone